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Well, our local Eclipse dealer was closing out their remaining stock on 8200 subs so I picked up 2 of them with a Crossfire xp1400d amp. I listened to one in a car there and it sounded fantastic, but just wasn't quite loud enough. This was in about a 1.7 cubic foot box.

That being said, should I run these 2 in 1.5-1.7 cubic foot boxes? Or should I follow the advice I read here and try to get 1 into a 3-4 cubic foot box? The issue I run into with running 1 is I have the wrong amplifier. I can't run that crossfire at 4 ohms and get any power out of it and I'm afraid my Linear Power amps won't be able to take the impedance dips. I may still be able to exchange that amp however.

Also, what do I use for components then? I have an 06 Civic si coupe and I would like to keep things relatively stock. That means I'm stuck with a 2-way component set. I know I need a ton of mid bass. Any suggestions? I want it to sound good, but don't want to go broke doing it either.

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