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a local guy is selling 4 of these subs for $150 and i'm looking to buy all 4, use 2 and sell the other two. problem being, everywhere i look, i can only find basic specs on them such as "used in both ported and sealed". any information would be greatly appreciated. something simple like sealed and/or ported box size and "ideal" tuning. I figure its a 12 inch sub so it should be in the ball park of 1.5-1.75 cube ported and 1-1.25 sealed or so. thanks for any help

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I already emailed them monday morning and am yet to hear back from them. so i'm just trying to figure this all out before it comes time to build and nothing there for information

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This was all in the link above:

Fs 27Hz
Qts 0.43
DCR 4.0Ω
Vas 1.85 Cuft
Xmax (one way) 0.73˝
Continuous Power Handling 300W
Music Power Handling 600W

•1˝ santoprene surround
•One-piece Mica-Filled Polypropylene (MFP) cone
dual spider with woven-in tinsel leadwires
•Kapton voice coil former
•4-layer long-throw voice coil
• “Bottomless” design
•Vented pole piece
•Cast aluminum frame
•Double-stacked magnet
•Small sealed-box enclosure

Mica-Filled Polypropylene (MFP) cone
ECLIPSE 87001 series subwoofers employ MicaFilled Polypropylene (MFP) cone material for
superior rigidity with low mass. The stiffness of
MFP enables ECLIPSE woofers to maintain
excellent distortion characteristics under intense
power applications. The low mass of MFP
ensures bass reproduction that quickly reacts to
the input signal for “count the cycles” accuracy.
MFP’s lightness also increases driver efficiency,
providing more output per given watt of amplifier
1-inch wide santoprene surround.
One-inch wide, 1/2-inch tall surrounds provide a
long, controlled stroke. Santoprene synthetic
rubber is weatherproof, very pliable and durable
at all temperatures and has excellent damping
characteristics to reduce cone resonance
• Kapton voice coil former
Handles a significant quantity of heat without
• Long-throw bottomless motor structure
Prevents the speaker from “bottoming out”
even during high-power dynamic peaks.
dual spider with woven-in tinsel
• 2-inch (2.5-inch 87151.4, 87151.8) voice
• Small sealed-box designs
• Cast aluminum frame
• Double-stacked magne

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Thanks for the link. i already looked at it and am just going to assume that 1-1.25 cube will work sealed per sub. i'm going low power to round out my stock system in my 2012 cruze until i upgrade everything else. I love quality music but at the same time, i love loud systems. so Bass is always the first upgrade i do.

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even better. i need to redownload that since i redid my computer. I'm just playing around with configuration of the box since i have 12 cubic feet usable but want to stay less than 8 cubes use for everything so i have trunk space still. we will see what happens.

thanks again for your help.
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