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Just bought this off fellow member MACS about 2 weeks ago. I can't get it to work with my dash due to the motorized face without doing a few modifications so its up for grabs. Just looking to get back what I paid which is 175 shipped. You can see all the info from MACS thread here:

I prefer paypal and have numerous refs on here and tons over at
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whoops..I see he already removed his pics...I will get some fresh pics up by tomorrow night.
well I suck at taking pics of decks but I did the best I could. Deck looks even better than the pics show.

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For an extra 10 dollars I will also include a nib Eclipse AUX105 cable. With this cable you can add an auxiliary input using the changer port on the back of your Eclipse and you'll have a pair of female RCA inputs ready for your portable music player, satellite radio tuner, or other external source. Cable sells for 30 dollars elsewhere.

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will also consider trades for other active capable head units
^^thanks...I'm starting to second guess myself :)
hump day bump
nightly bump..get this while you can
^^^I was actually going to post that same link. I had posted it over on the other forum but I guess I forgot to here. The unit is 3 way capable and the crossover settings are as follows:

low pass: 63Hz-200Hz
Mid high pass: 63Hz-200Hz
Mid low pass: 200Hz-10kHz
High pass: 200Hz-10kHz
slope settings: pass/6/12/18/24dB/octave
bump....someone need a nice active capable head unit. This is a solid deck for the price. Beats out a lot of the newer crap other companies are producing nowadays.
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