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The subwoofer and reflex enclosure really should be aligned. Some things that can happen are port noise, over excursion, peaky response, and other issues.

You should have an idea of how much power input and spl output you desire. If the port is too small and your trying to get too much spl the air escaping the port will chuff.

If the tuning is too high the port will no longer provide control over the subwoofer drivers excursion for frequencies below the tuning. Damage can happen quickly under only moderate power if not taken into consideration.

You may end up with a hella bunch of 50hz and a hella little 40hz and below, depending on how the actual tuning works out with your specific driver.

Will it be bass? Sure and maybe a lot of midbass and little actual low bass. If you’re not prepared to factor everything involved in a reflex enclosure then it might make more sense to go sealed. If you can give the box specs as stated in an earlier post I’ll try to remember to look at this thread and play around on winsld. I model drivers for fun as odd as that may sound lol.
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