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Alright, I wanted to get some input/thoughts/recommendations from some of you experienced enclosure guys on what type of enclosure you would recommend for my install in my 94 T-Bird SC. Going to get back with the program this spring on the Build and wanted to get some input on enclosure types. Currently using a sealed enclosure with one of the subs but open to ported or even a single reflex bandpass as is also recommended by ADS.

See my build thread here:

Things to consider:
* T-Bird SC is of course a Sedan with fair amount of trunk space available.
Roughly 14 1/2" of height and 34" between wheel wells.
* Trunk is somewhat vented into cabin through rear deck perforations.
* RS12 Subs are Dual VC 6 ohms each. Rated at 20-300 watts max.
* A/D/S PQ20 Amp is rated in Bridged mode at 150 x 2 rms.
* Two RS12 Subs available for Install but may only require one depending
on type of enclosure is used.
* I prefer an accurate, detailed low end. I listen to mainly classic rock but
also listen to a lot of Jazz, Audiophile type recordings etc. Just depends
on the day :p
* Processing will be via an Alpine CDA-7998/PXA-H700

I'm sure I'm missing some other points and info so lets start this off with reviewing the specifications for these RS12 Subs and go from there. ADS has given the recommended enclosures types and sizes in the following documents but still just want to get some second opinions on each.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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