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enclosure tuning and crossover - am I going to ruin my woofer?

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My subwoofer amp does not have a variable high pass crossover - it only has a 'subsonic filter', which is a high pass crossover pre-set at 25 Hz (presumably with a sharp dB/octave curve). My ported box is tuned to 34 Hz (recommended by woofer manufacture). My understanding is that a woofer can be damaged when reproducing frequencies below the tuning point of a ported enclosure. Am I setting myself up to blow my woofer because I cannot cross over at or above the tuning point of my ported box?
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Sundown is probably going to tell you that you need a ssf especially if your overpowering the sub(keep in mind though that you probably will never see the rms you set the amp to depending on how you set it). You can buy stand alone ssf or back your amp gain down a little and probably be ok. The 2 options I think you really have are buy an outboard ssf or build a lower tuned box. If the sub is new and you damage it from unloading most company's wont cover I know sundown has stellar customer service and may cover it but most other companies would consider it user error.
I have used the fmods they suck cut the output drastically. If you can return the amp that is what I would do your pretty limited in that price range. Ive seen some decent reviews on this amp though as far as budget friendly goes.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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