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enclosure tuning and crossover - am I going to ruin my woofer?

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My subwoofer amp does not have a variable high pass crossover - it only has a 'subsonic filter', which is a high pass crossover pre-set at 25 Hz (presumably with a sharp dB/octave curve). My ported box is tuned to 34 Hz (recommended by woofer manufacture). My understanding is that a woofer can be damaged when reproducing frequencies below the tuning point of a ported enclosure. Am I setting myself up to blow my woofer because I cannot cross over at or above the tuning point of my ported box?
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One-half octave lower than 34 Hz would be 25.5 Hz. I may just email Sundown and see what they say.

amp: Orion Cobalt CO24001D Mono Class D Car Amplifier
sub: - SA-12 D4 - Sundown Audio 12" 600W Dual 4-Ohm SA Series Subwoofer

Sub is rated at 600 W RMS. In my wiring, I'll be giving it 800 W at 2 ohms, so not on the conservative side. Though I have read people routinely give it 1200 W. I'd get a new amp with variable pass crossover before giving the woofer less power
Thanks for the input. I'll reply back with the answer from Sundown. Hope I'm in the clear, don't really want to return the amp.

In the meantime, I'm interested to hear others' opinions.
I have a hard time believing no one else has the answer to this question. Do I need to post this in the advanced forum? I thought it was a pretty basic question :(

I emailed Sundown, still waiting to hear from them. Grrr.
Thanks for the input, much appreciated. The port on my box is an aeroport, so I could swap out the tube for a lower tune. That would be cheap and easy. Another other option I have is to return my amp and get a new one that has variable high pass crossover. Unfortunately I overlooked this detail when I originally purchased the amp. Third option is the SSF - looks like Harrison Labs has some at line level that would work. Fourth option is just risk it ;)
I've read a lot of people run this with the SA-12 and are happy with it. It has the variable xover, same price as the Orion:

Hifonics BRX1100.1D Class-D Monoblock 1100W Brutus Series Amp
Hifonics draws a lot less current too. Which means I could have gone with 4 gauge instead of 0 gauge power wire. Ugh.
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