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enclosure tuning and crossover - am I going to ruin my woofer?

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My subwoofer amp does not have a variable high pass crossover - it only has a 'subsonic filter', which is a high pass crossover pre-set at 25 Hz (presumably with a sharp dB/octave curve). My ported box is tuned to 34 Hz (recommended by woofer manufacture). My understanding is that a woofer can be damaged when reproducing frequencies below the tuning point of a ported enclosure. Am I setting myself up to blow my woofer because I cannot cross over at or above the tuning point of my ported box?
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I've heard recommendations of setting within 5Hz below the tuning for the SSF, but I've also heard that a driver is unlikely to sustain damage from frequencies unless they are more than 1/2 an Octave below the tuning. I've followed the 5Hz rule personally, but the 1/2 octave thing may hold some truth. If such does, then you SSF would be set 1Hz below the allowance, which it it's not a very sharp slope of 24dB or more and you happen to play audio with frequencies that present a danger, damage may result.

Another, more knowledgeable, member may have more to say on the matter, so cross your fingers.
If we/I may, what are the models of the amp and sub? If you feed the sub less than rated power, like 2/3's or less, that would reduce the risk of damage dramatically, though who honestly wants to reduce potential output of their sub. LOL
Yeah, I hear you, less power is the devil. LOL

Feeding the sub 800RMS and with the SSF .5Hz (1Hz) higher than 1/2 and Octave below the port tuning, I'd say you'd be pressing your luck, if you play a lot of music with deep lows.

I know I've read of people pushing the SA's hard as well and handling it well. What I don't know is how it is they know they are feeding it X amount of power regularly. 1200RMS sounds like a stretch of the imagination to me, but what do I know, I've never pushed any sub with twice it's rated power, even when a couple I've ran were "known to handle more".

Guess we'll see what sundown has to say.
In the meantime, I'm interested to hear others' opinions.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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