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So the way I usually solve these kind of problems is this:
1. Check the connections and cables.
2. Check if the amplifier gain is set correctly. Sometimes a gain that is set too high can cause this issue.
3. Check if the problem comes from the amplifier (you can hook up your phone directly using a jack to RCA adapter)
3a. If it does, try with another amplifier. Some amplifiers have poor noise suppression which might cause issues with some cars.
3b. If it doesn't, hook up the output of the head unit to a bluetooth speaker using said RCA to jack cable. If the wine continues, then you might try with another head unit if possible for said reason.
If it stops then you have a ground loop. Try running the headunit's ground cable where your amplifier is and ground them at the same point. If it still persists, check again the RCAs for continuity (center and ground). Also cheap RCA cables can be prone to interferences.
4. If the problem persists, call a priest. Or buy a good quality noise suppressor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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