Selling my Eric Stephen's Full size Horn bodies with JBL 2500ti-nd motors, as you can see in the pics, they have some wear and tear on the horn bodies from multiple car installs, but overall in good condition. The compression drivers have been on these bodies for about a year now, were purchased brand new and only seen clean Class AB power (about 40 to 50w top each)......I was running them with Eric's MB8 8" midbass drivers in my doors and it sounded amazing, but unfortunately I'm forced to sell them.

$400 shipped and insured.

Here are the specs on the JBL drivers,
JBL D2500Ti-Nd

D2500Ti-Nd model is a compression driver with exceptional quality. Can be used in line array boxes, sound reinforcement PA, monitors or drop-down box where it is needed lightweight with high sound pressure as voicing fixed in gyms, parks and exhibition grounds. This performance is achieved munity excellent combination of its components. The magnetic assembly in Neodymium is lighter and more magnetic flux density.
The dome type diaphragm is specially designed in pure titanium. Is more rigid due to its surface structure, which guarantees lightness and excellent mechanical strength when exposed to high powers.
The suspension has special ribs.
The acoustic transformer "Phase Plug" pastic injected into the latest generation, with several apertures optimized to eliminate undesirable phase cancellation.
The voice coil is made in CCAW (copper clad aluminum wire), resistant to high temperatures and rolled into a Kapton, resulting in a set of great stability and strength.
The mobile set (RPD220TI) has a perfect centering, as well as easy exchange in case of any defect. In case of return for repair, follow carefully the instructions contained in a leaflet to prevent damage caused by assembly error.
The aluminum cover injected promote better heat dissipation and give the driver very sturdy structure.
Model D2500 has Ti Nd thread 1 3 / 8 "- 18 threads per inch for better fit with horns

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

[email protected] Hz Impedance: 6.98 Ohms

Power Music Program (w / XOVER 12dB/oit 1,500 Hz): 120 W

Power Music Program (w / XOVER 12dB/oit 2000 Hz): 160 W

RMS Power (NBR 10.303) (w / XOVER 1500 Hz 12 dB / oct): 60 W

RMS Power (NBR 10.303) (w / XOVER 12dB/oit 2000 Hz): 80 W

Sensitivity In bugle 2.83V @ 1m on the axis: 111 dBSPL

Sensibilidad tube 0.0894 V: 116 dBSPL

Frequency response @ -6 dB: 1,000 to 22,000 Hz

Diameter of throat: 25 mm

Diaphragm material: Titanium

Voice coil diameter: 44 mm

Re (coil resistance): 6.0 Ohms

Density of flow in the gap: 1.80 T

Frequency cut recommended minimum (12 dB / oct): 1,500 Hz
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