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Escort 9500ci Radar Detector - $1599.95

For DIYMA members $1025 Shipped

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Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector and Laser Jammer System includes the Escort ZR4 Laser Jammer.

We just tested the Escort 9500ci on June 28 and 29, 2008 at Speed Measurement Labs. What a radar laser package this 9500ci is! The 9500ci is totally invisible to all police radar detector detectors, including the new Spectre IV. It is superb at detecting X, K, Ka, POP3 radar, jams laser with the ZR4 Shifter included; easy to install with our new Radar Detector Visor Holder and has the best VOICE Alerts that I have ever heard. The Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector combines the ZR4 Laser Shifter and GPS Lock to provide a superb hidden, radar detector with laser jamming and reduced false radar alerts. The Passport 9500 ci is 100% invisible to radar detector detectors; such as Vg-2, VG-4, Spectre II, Spectre III, the new Spectre IV and Stalcar RDD. The new Passport ShifterZR4 Laser Jammer is included with the 9500ci radar detector to detect and jam all police laser guns. You get superb radar detection, electronic invisibility to all RDD and ZR4 Laser Shifter laser detection in one compact package. The GPS Locate advances radar detection with learning mode to isolate real radar alerts from false radar alerts. The Escort 9500ci radar detector can be used by drivers throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico, and is manufactured in North America. Here is why the 9500ci radar detector is one of the best hidden radar detector and laser jammer systems in the world:

1) 2 front RADAR antennas to increase signal sensitivity while minimizing false alerts;

2) 100% invisible to all Radar Detector Detectors - VG2, VG4, Spectre II, Spectre III, Spectre IV and Stalcar RDD;

3) Radar Detection of Ka police radar and Instant on at 8-10 mile distance on flat highway;

4) Superb at detecting over-the-hill, hidden police radar speed traps;

5) Superb voice alerts on radar, laser and safety warnings (SWS), plus audio alerts;

6) Compact, watertight package for installation behind the grille, front bumper or rear bumper;

7) Fewest false radar alerts of any remote radar detector;

8) Easy to program for city X, X off, K, Ka Superwide, police laser, POP3 radar;

9) GPS modules included to isolate false radar traps and real radar traps and remebers both types

10) Includes the NEW ShifterZR4 Laser Jammers - 3 laser jammers to defeat any laser gun aimed at you, updated to defeat all laser guns used today, including the stealth, dual pulse laser guns - making the Escort Passport 9500ci radar detector a 5 Star rated remote radar detector. Remote mounted with cockpit voice alerts and small compact, Blue Display.

NEW Dual LNA (low noise amplifier) receivers provide the longest possible warning against all radar threats, and reduces false alerts to minimum
NEW TotalShield RF Technology is 100% invisible to all police RDD in Virginia, Canada; Police can no longer determine if you have a radar detector in your vehicle - yes the 9500ci is that good
Detects Standard Radar Bands: Ka Superwide, POP3, Laser, K and X
High and low voltage warning is given any time the vehicle’s voltage drops below 10.5 volts, or goes above 16.5 volts.
Easy-to-use Programming lets you customize up to 7 features and all radar bands with on/off features.
NEW Turtle Clamps allow the radar and laser modules to be easily installed into your vehicle using few, if any, drill holes
Modular Plug and Play telephone jack connections with color coded cables
NEW GPS TrueLock is used to intelligently reduce unwanted false alarms using ADAPTIVE SIGNAL PROCESSING (ASP) to learn the radar signal for real speed trap threats or false radar alerts
NEW Ultra-bright BLUE text-display provides easy to read information from any angle.
Tech Display provides actual numeric radar frequency for any radar signal.
Passport 9500ci intelligently monitors your vehicle speed to provide max radar sensitivity, while slow vehicle speeds automatically decrease X and K band detection sensitivity to minimize false alerts
NEW ShifterZR4 Laser Shifters improved to detect and jam all laser guns including Stealth laser guns using double pulse frequency
VOICE Alerts on radar, laser and up to 64 Safety Warning System messages


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holly crap....

but does it really work the way they say it does??
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