Custom built this box for my truck in 2017. I am selling the truck so no longer need the box.

should be a perfect fit for 2015 up f150 and 2017 up f250. Made using CAD design and 3/4 mdf plywood. The the enclosure is coated with marine grade epoxy inside and out to solidify the mdf further and moisture proof.

It is upholster to match perfectly king ranch trim but could be reupholstered, painted.

The drivers are Audio Mobile Evo 10” (2) and mcar passive radiators (2). I believe the subs are 500W rms each. The box has two chambers measuring 0.6 cubic feet each. One sub and one radiator share 0.6. It has nice output and very very clean bass. Subs and speak on connectors included.

Other drivers may fit but keep the volume and mounting depth in mind. In 2017 when I built this there were fewer shallow depth options.

call or text 433-285-7775 if interested.