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F/S: Alpine (2) PDX 4.150, (1) 1.1000

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Going for DSP and amp all-in-one. Looking for zapco dc1000.4. That would be the only trade I'm willing to accept.

Missing the little screws on 2 of these that hold the face cover on. They're in my car somewhere but who knows...
I could get replacement from Lowe's but I just don't have time for it to be honest.

Asking $350 shipped OBO each. First come first serve.

Pics were taken over a month ago because I was going to sell them back then, but changed my mind. Now I'm back to square one... simplicity.


If you have questions ask.

No lowballs. No first dibs. Please, guys, don't waste my time. I'm slammed at work and building a home so I don't need the drama. ;)

Please e-mail me at hardisj (at) gmail (dot) com. Don't PM because my inbox gets filled too quickly.
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Thanks, Mark.

I've been fighting it for months now and I've finally just made up my mind to cut the middle man out. I'll miss the size and stellar efficiency (my car will definately miss the efficiency) but I have to move things around to do what I want.
Did I read this right? $350 for a 1.1000?
yea. is that bad?
guess it was a good deal.

1.1000 is sold.

The 4.150's are still left. If someone wants both you can have the set for $675. Firm.

e-mail me.
done with the bit one eh? I guess we're going to be building a new amp rack ....again:D free bump for you and a hahaha for me.
I just want a simple setup. I should've gone with a zapco dc setup in November but couldn't part with some of my stuff. Mind's made up and I'm marching ahead now.
(1) 4.150 sold.

One left.
simple??? Boring...:D
i'll remember that!

*stores into memory bank*
all amps are sold.

close thread, please.
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