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Back up F/S. Need cash pronto so throw me a PM with an offer.

1. Product: Morel SCM 6.5" Carbon Fiber Midrange (pair)

2. Specs: To personally add to these specs, because they simply do not do justice to these midranges... I ran these for a couple days and found them to sound sensational crossed at 120hz with 18db/octave. They loved 150wrms and played distortion-free with tonal quality that out-shines the Focal 3" midranges.

--Taken from Madisound
4 ohm Impedance
3 Layer Cone: Carbon Fiber / Rohacell Foam / Carbon Fiber
Copper sleeve on pole piece
Uniflow aluminum die cast frame
3" large Hexatech Aluminum Voice Coil
Neodymium / Ferrite Hybrid Magnet System
Fs 40Hz
4 ohm Nominal Impedance
89dB Sensitivity [email protected]
150W power handling
3" diameter voice coil
5.25mm X-max peak

Re 3.3 ohm
Qms 1.32
Qes 0.59
Qts 0.4
Vas 14 liters
Mms 14.5g
Sd 119 cm2
Le 0.12mH @ 1kHz
BL 4.9 NA
Cms 0.733 mm/N
Rms 3.36kg/s

160mm flange diameter (6.3")
140mm cut out diameter (5.5")
63m depth (2.5")

3. Description/Condition: Used for 6 days (yes only 6 days, not even a full week) - these are 9.5/10 cosmetic and 10/10 mechanical. I used them for a few days before installing my Focal KRX3 set. They have depressions on the mounting holes, and have tiny scuffs on the screws on the back plate from when I set them down on concrete to take a picture. There's also a tiny bit of rust inside the head of some of the screws, I'm not entirely sure where that came from because these speakers were never exposed to water - that should be obvious by looking at the rest of the speakers. I'd like to stress that none of this will ever be seen once they are mounted, and it doesn't affect the performance in any way. I was holding onto them to use in my home theatre build, but I need cash to finish my substage upgrade.

4. Price: : $550 shipped OBO - They're $320 + shipping EACH on madisound.

5. Pictures: I took pictures with my name / date today, and have a whole bunch from when I first installed/removed them and put them back in their original box if you want to see more. These say caco because that's where I posted it last night, I use the same screen name on both sites 0.o


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Price lowered to $500 shipped.

Let's get these out the door, I need cash to finish my setup!

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Possible trades? I'm looking for a boatload of sound deadening, a H/T amplifier, and an extremely beefy battery. (think 31 group, large reserve deep cycle)
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