Im getting everything together for my last lithium bank.
i can scavenge these or order new ones.
So i figured id offer someone who may want a bank but don't have time or knowledge.
this is ready to go, it’s been balanced and charged.
Its a 64aH bank on a Jag35 1000amp pcb. Base price $300
+$20 shipping as these aren’t lite.

Compared to most other lithium bank/batteries this will out perform most by 2x unless you build your own.

To get it usable
Handwriting Drinkware Cylinder Drink Gas

Purple Rectangle Sleeve Wood Pink

Brown Handwriting Rectangle Wood Font

if you need them i can point out what and where to buy.
500 amp battery isolator.
Heltech balancer
Battery post m6 sized plus dual 0 gauge connections
SAE M6 battery post and post clamp with two 0 gauge connections.

like i said 6 hours as im hardly making anything and also i need NO trades and USA only by Paypal F+F or you pay fees.