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I am having difficulty to setup the processor. Hope that anyone reading can understand my poor English. Sorry about that.

Here are the symptions that I always have since day 1 of install (3 months ago):
1. Without any OEM input or remote ON wires connected, the unit would turn ON and stay ON for 5 minutes when I plug the power, which only +12V and ground are connected.:confused: I am 100% sure that the wire I am using is +12V, not ACC nor anything else.
2. If using OEM input, the unit would turn ON and stay ON whenever I open the door. Would not turn OFF until 5 minutes later.
3. If using remote ON wire, the unit would turn ON when the factory radio has power (it has bluetooth handsfree). But sometimes would NOT turn OFF after the radio is OFF, and stay on for 5 minutes.
My guess is, it turns on whenever there's a sudden voltage change.

So here are something new:
1. The unit sometimes had no music when I turn ON the car. The unit would turn ON, saying "Alpine PXE-H650", but just no output. Only happened when the car'd been sitting for a long time or overnight. Tried to switch to AUX and back, it had music but with time correction, EQ, etc. defeated. Sounded so nasty. Turned off the car, wait 5 minutes, the unit would go back to normal. This happened with my old factory radio which has internal amp.
2. Last week I've switched to a "premium" factory radio that has differential balance output. Now the speaker would pop whenever I open the door, insert the key, press the hazard switch, etc. That probably is due to the #2 on the previous "always happen". Have tried to use remote wire but it refuses to turn off soemtimes and gives me pops after I turn off the car. But as long as the car is on ACC or ON position, there's absolutely no noise.

Now I have the head unit connected directly to a JL amp with remote wire from factory CD player, and I have no noise, no anything, just clean flat signal.

Anyone know what's going on and any way to fix it? Thanks in advance.
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