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Hey folks,

The weekend of 7/15, I'll be installing new pillars in my Jeep, at which point I'll post my current ones up for sale. They were built by @toneloc2 using his own JL Wrangler to get the angles right. I had tested out numerous drivers, as outlined here, before settling on this combo. Once I figured out the proper combo, I sent the pillars back to Tony, who then remolded them to look perfect. The mid range portion of these pillars is fully sealed. There is also batting inside.

These fit JL Wranglers and JT Gladiators.

I've used these only at SQ levels, and have played them at a small SQ competition in NC (where I did well) as well as a well-attended meet, with positive feedback from many forum members here. I have no real reason to replace them except that Tony made me an offer I couldn't refuse for his own Audison Thesis pillars, and the look of those pillars aesthetically matches my mid-bass grilles (Hertz ML1800.3) a bit more than these pillars do.

There are a few scratches on the pillars (not the speakers), and I've priced them accordingly with that in mind. If you are handy at all, it should be easy to fix. The pillars are finished with SEM + durable paint that matches the Jeep interior very nicely.

I'm posting this as a feeler as I'm not ready to sell for another week and a half, but once I pull them off, I'll post a picture with my forum name and date, etc.

Thanks for looking,