Hey Folks,

I'm listing up by beloved box + sub, only six months old (sub first saw power 6 months ago). This box was designed to fit a 2-door "JL" Wrangler, but is rectangular, so it can be used in other applications. It has built in legs to work down-firing, but could also certainly be positioned in other way. I also have the original JL Audio shipping box that the W7 came in.

The enclosure was well-designed and built, and sounds fantastic. 1.5 cubes net, ported @ 30Hz. 16.75" x 28.5" x 12". When using Dirac to tune it, peers at a recent meet were surprised the box was ported. This was an SQ build; the max volume that my system was tuned to allow was not that high.

Here are pictures detailing the entire build: Enclosure - Google Drive

The plexi was custom-etched on a CNC, with a 3D JL logo, backlit with white LEDs (looks blue in the pic, but it's bright white). Port bends are 45 degrees. 3/4" birch ply, double baffle. No corners were cut on this box!

Only selling because I figured out how to fit 2 12s ported, and I upgraded to a 2000x1 amp. Listing this as a feeler because I don't have the box sitting in front of me right now, so I can't post pics with my user name/date. But I will update next weekend with that picture, and then update the title to not be a "Feeler".

Thanks for looking!