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feeler on a 27kx

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just wanting to feel out the market on this sub again

tried to sell it about 6months ago but no takers, i was asking a lot for it then but not so strapped for cash now-a-days

taking offers or trades for a good 4channel amp with decent power

link to old thread with pics
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gotta post a price brother. No feelers allowed.

GL with the sale
damn i knew that too sorry about that id say ill swing for the fences and say 400 but like i said taking offers
well lets bring it down some 300+shipping
well how about one last ditch effort and a price drop so lets shoot for 250+shipping if no takers i guess ill just have to find somewhere to use it
do you need cables? 0 guage?
components? 12 IDQ v2
i really only need a good 4ch amp
hey guys sorry for ignoring this thread for a while but i am having to take this sub off the market for right now all p/m replied
1 - 12 of 12 Posts