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I am very new for you folks on this forum and this might be my first thread here. I have been following this forum for quite some time now though and decided to post this first as my earlier build log and then will begin my current one.

In India you usually don't see such kind of installs very often. This country is yet to see some crazy and insane installs most of the guys have in their ride already. You won't see Bad-*** installs here. Installs with not more than 2 small subs and pretty much that's it. Major population doesn't even know the terms like SPL/Groundpounder setups or Hair tricks for instance. I just took a small step in bringing that culture to India. First of all the ride in which everything went in


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The equipment that was used was

2 FI SP4 15" fully loaded (D2)
2 Crescendo Audio BC3500D strapped @ 0.5 ohms
Customer ported enclosure int. vol. after displacement 9.9 cu. ft. tuned @ 29Hz
Pioneer DEH-80PRS
Alpine PXA-H701 w/ RUX-C701
CDT QES-680 Midbass
CDT ES-010 Tweets
Beyma CD-10Fe w/ custom horn bodies
Massive Audio D800.4 bridged to power mids
Audio art 260.6XE powering highs and horns
7 x Amaron lead acid 80Ah batteries
Mechman 312A h/o alternator
Shok ref. 1/0 cables(2 positive and 2 negative runs till back)
Shok Fw series 16awg OFC speaker cables
Audison BT series RCA
Stinger roadkill expert damping
Dynamat Hoodliner
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