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Hello all,

I'm planing to build a new 3-way setup (active pref) for my Ford Fiesta ST MK6; It's a 3 door car and for some awesome reasons (BecauseRaceCar), I don't have rear seats :D

So, I'm asking for some advice on my system components...

BAT: 12V, 60ah, 590A
HU: Pioneer DEH-X9600BT
DSP: Helix HX DSP or Audison bit Ten (as I can get the bit Ten for less 150$ than Helix DSP)
SPK: Hertz HSK 163 (3-way)
AMP1: Hertz HDP 4
AMP2: Hertz HDP 1
SUB: I prefer some 10/12" on sealed box, I appreciate an accurate punch and a clear sound definition.

What I listen:
- 70% of time I listen to Metal (Black, Death, Thrash, Doom, Sludge...)
- I also listen to a various Rock genres, Psychedelic stuff, Jazz, Piano Compositions, Soul, Dance, DnB...

What I expect from this setup:
- To achieve as most SQ as possible;
- Clear and precise sound;
- Not to exaggerate on the subwoofer excursion which can ruin the kind of music that i listen as usually Metal genres have fast and deep beats.

1 - Is the 150$ price difference worth to get the bit Ten over the Helix?
2 - May I run the speakers active or on passive way?
3 - Which subwoofer should I buy based on my preferences and objectives with price tag up to 250$: Reference RW12i, JL 10W3v3-4, Image Dynamics, DD Audio, Helix, GroundZero?

Thank you guys for your attention, cheers!
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