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Been using the forum as a resource when planning my build for a few months now so thought I would finnaly make an account, I will probably make a post for comments / recommendations about my build plan's soon before I go about acquiring more equipment, I have already bought everything, decided to upgrade to better equipment, then sold / repurchased everything once already 😅

Started out with an audio control DSP amp, Morel virtus passive 2 way's, and then went up to the morel hybrid line. Now I'm toying around with the idea of keeping the morel hybrid 2 way set, ditching the crossovers, getting a set of Morel CCWR254 2.5in speakers to act as my mid range and going all Helix for my DSP and amps, I am thinking the V Eight MKII to run the front 3 way set, and a couple rear speakers on a separate DSP preset for when I have passengers. Then maybe the Helix M one for the Morel Ultimo TI SC 12 I got used pretty cheap. Already have an Alpine ILX F509 HU for my source.

All of which will be going into a new corolla hybrid I don't have yet, plan on doing sound deadening / treatment in the doors / trunk to start. I know it probably isn't the best platform for what I want to do but I chose the car before I decided to go down the SQ rabbit hole.

New to car audio but I have dabbled in home audio with desktop / bookshelf speakers, tube amps, custom headphones etc.
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