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I'm getting ready to do my install, and have just finished designing a box. (obviously there will be a top on it)

Screen Shot 2011-12-11 at 6.06.03 PM copy.jpg

It's 2.4 ft^3 after displacement, at 32Hz. Sub firing into seat, port firing back towards the rear hatch of my Denali.

The top of the box is spaced 3" off of the rear seat, and the bottom is spaced around 8" off of the rear seat, I'd have to go out and measure to be sure, but it's somewhere around there.

I frequently need to load up the back of my SUV with a lot of things, loading it up with multiple layers of luggage, dogs, etc. so the sub needs maximum protection.

Once the box is tucked up against my rear seats, I'll have about 100 in^2 of "breathing area" for the sub to force air out of. Will this cause problems? It should perform like a downfiring by logic, but I'd like some input before I buy the MDF and get this built.
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