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Firmware updates - Alpine v Pioneer v Kenwood

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Hey guys,
About to buy a new HU. I used to use Alpine almost exclusively back in the day before bluetooth, mp3, GPS, etc... So back then, firmware was not an issue. The last HU I bought was a Pioneer AVIC-x910bt with Navi. It was manufactured in 2009, I bought it late 2010, and installed it in 2012 (custom car build). By the time it got installed, it was practically obsolete. Pioneer did one firmware update in 2010, and thats it. No additional BT support unless you start hacking the unit. Not something I am comfortable doing. That makes me not very happy with Pioneer.

However, are the other companies any better? OR do they all just abandon you after a year or so. I'm looking for a single-din (so nav is not an issue), but this is going to be mostly for digital media and HD radio (I may still get a mech unit) so I need all that to work flawlessly with the smartphones of the future.

Any thughts on these decks staying current?
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Alpine is no better. Ask anybody who have owned the 505 & 910 DD HU just to name a few. At least Pioneer did one for your HU. Alpine did none for any of the units I have owned, even though they promise to. I do know Pioneer & Kenwood shows firmware updates on their sites. So use that as a measuring guide.
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