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Ok minor introduction
2006 Chevy Colorado Regular cab
bench seats (soon to be converted to buckets)
looking to build an entry level sq vehicle (with spl availablity.... mostly to annoy highschool guys with trunk rattle)

- no cut through, (still have to use bed in truck... short enough as is)
- minor dash modification (i dont want to build a fibreglass dash from scratch... yet)
-kick panel speakers not an option (regular clumsy passengers, parking brake drivers side)
- not an unlimited budget (as much as i would like to have it. college is expensive)

personal background
-heavy woodworking background
-detail picky (all good work is noticed in the details)
- minor body work and metal fabrication background (last truck was a lemon, needed alot of work)
- have done painting, and stretched vinyl before
- dislike when things dont match and look out of place

intentions to start
2 - alpine SWR-T12
600w rms each
1800w peak
single coil 4ohm

1- alpine SPX 17 pro (6 1/2" component set)
100w rms
300w peak

1- alpine pdx f4 (for components)
100w rms x4

1- yellow top optima

sound deadening as necessary (dynamat, second skin, peel and seal, havent decided yet)

where im lost
- amp(s) for subs, preferably PDX (i like things to match and i just cant help myselt)

- wire size and necessary runs to power everything (would prefer a single run from the battery, with a union by the amps)

- capacitor necessity, or alternative

- sealed vs ported box (small truck, looking for overall sq),

- acceptable roll off point for subs

- crossover tuning

- benifits of seperate eq, or get a headunit with as many bands as possible?

ive tried reading elsewhere, but im looking for personal feedbacks on where i stand with what im trying to attempt
thanks to everyone for your help

in process of spec ing out a box for behind the seats with amp rack, will post as soon as its designed

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alright here it is, first draft
sealed box at .65 cubic feet (after sub is accounted for)
trim and amp rack not shown (getting to it, as soon as i have time)
1/2" back wall (can be changed to 3/4 if i decide to)
everything else at 3/4"
any questions feel free to ask
program used is Autodesk Inventor 2010 (free programs if you have a college or university email)


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Might as well get an Alpine CDA-9887, PDX 1.1000 and PDX 4.150.

Nice truck, btw. I have the same one.
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