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First few pics of New Equipment. Alpine/DIYMA/LPG/Adire

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First few pics of New Equipment. Alpine/DIYMA/LPG/Adire: UpDated!

This is a few pictrues of my new equipment thats currently being installed into my Scion tC, just to name a few that would be.

Alpine IVA-W200 on top with optical/Ainet connection to PXA-H701.
2 Next 2.400's, 1 Next 4.400, only 1 amp shown.
Adire Extremis 6.4 on far outside.
DIYMA 2" Preproduction Dome midrange.
LPG 26na
DIYMA 12" Ref Not shown. Hopefully to have pictrues of it soon.

I hope to have more pictrues soon, of my actual install in progress, but heres a little play by play.

W200 is installed for a few weeks now, H701 is connected in the rear with optical/Ainet connections, power to 2/3 of my amps, Front stage amps gains are set with DMM, Tweet by Ear, Midrange set to 17v, Midbass 25v, subwoofer will be 44v after new wiring from dblock back are replaced and installed.

domes in kickpanels, FG sub enclosure, still trying to figure out how to hide my amps better, and more stealthy, right now there situated on my back seat across the rear. 3amps total.

Ran all wiring (going to be pulling the wiring from the Dblock back in the chain and replacing them with longer strands so that i can rightfully position my amps under the rear floor.

FG kickpanels aimed/glassed, bondoing today, almost about to start ensoliting/deadening/vinyling kickpanels to match interior, going to fabricate some type of better grill to protect the domes from feet.

FG sub enclosure mold is 1/4" thick, and cut to shape, will be buying mdf soon for front baffle/ring, extensive interior absorption will take place using deadener/acoustic foam, eggshell foam for a very dampened and sturdy enclosure, still looking for carpet to match interior for sub enclosure. Will order Vinyl and Carpet together.

Build pics will be updated as soon as i have them. The install is pretty far along right now, but what i have done can easily be shown, so pictures will show all.

Pics will be updated accordingly, these are the only 2 i have though so far, others will be soon though. Diyma Sub pics will be shown then as well.
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I am anxious to hear how you think the DIYMAs sound. This should be a very nice install.
Got a few more pics i just took with my Webcam.......there not exactly install pictures, but its my Left kickpanel after bondo, almost ready for ensolite/vinyl. The rights bondo is still drying then will be sanded down like the left. Also as well as a few pictrues of my Diyma Ref 12, has yet to see power and enclosure is still in progress.

Also the Diyma 2" Dome is positioned in the kickpanel, firing across the interior at eachother for best absorption on the upper end from stray reflections and possible beaming. I tried more on axis mounting, but the upper end reflections messed up my image rather bad, so more offaxis was needed, this being my end results with aiming.

Finished or close to finished kickpanels, and sub enclosure mold pics to come soon.
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Let us know how the W200/H701 combo works out. I plan on using the same combo and adding the N872A nav system.

My review on my specific pieces. Will be adding much more in the next few weeks/month, as things come to a close and TONS of tuning happen.
Looking good :D
Thanks for everyones comments, BTW Dang, they sound amazing down there, i was suprised how easily the domes give the impression of a dash image......completely effortless, and these things get loud too....i need to attenuate the top end of the mids down a little bit more though to get that non-fatiged listening experience. Tommorrow i am going to be finishing up my bondoing on my kickpanels, will update with pictrues of both sides, then vinyling will be done soon after i recieve them, followed by deadening and ensoliting on the rear side.

Sub enclosure mold will be shown soon as well, hopefully in car and out of car pictures.
Very nice kicks. & it looks like they are going to blend will with the car which is what you wanted.
This is an update packed with pictures of some stuff i havn't yet shown and just some repeated but further along things.

First off i'm going to start with some general pics of the W200. As you can see the functional cover works perfectly after adjusting the player back a little in the brackets.

Next up is the Front stage........I'm still lacking the vinyl over my kickpanels as well as an aesthetical grill cover for the Extremis 6.4's in my doors, this will be a press on type of grill to cover the perferated stock grill portion. Foam will also be injected around the back of the door panel and added baffle for wave absorption to keep all sound from behind the panel.

I'm VERY happy with how this front stage images, i can't wait to get the Diyma Ref 12 in the rear to really add to that upfront bass sounds amazing.

For the rear, i positioned my amps on the rear seat for the time being, untill i could figure out somewhere more stealthy to put them. The D-block was positioned on the Left wall. The H701 was positioned under the rear floor on the right, along with the Grounding block. Wooden piece will be carpeted black. Subwoofer will go on Right.

I hope this will suffice for now on my build up, hopefully i will be finished in the next week or 2 with all fabrication, and i can really present the car like i would like.

Hope you enjoyed for now.

I'm highly considereing the purchase of a larger sub amp, preforably [email protected] for a pair, one dimya 12 matching on the other side. But i'm also considering some type of way to build a platform on the floor of the rear, and build up a frame for the factory floor, and put my amps inside this frame, along with the processor, and spare, etc......Both sides will be matching hopefully, and all will be carpeted and intensely clean.
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out of curiosity, how will you be securing the fiberglass sub enclosure?
I hope this is honestly enough to secure it, but i will be screwing to the rear of the car using factory luggage bolts to the chasis in only 1 point, other spots small lag bolts will be driven through the enclosure back and into the material on both sides of the rear, the black formed hardened carpet material. I hope this is enough to couple the enclosure to the car.

I may end up using some plumming straps and screwing them down through the material straight to the chasis, if the above route dosent work as well as planned.
because its molded to the shape of the cargo area it should stay in placy ok. throw some heavy velcro on the back of the enclosure and call it a day.
trike said:
because its molded to the shape of the cargo area it should stay in placy ok. throw some heavy velcro on the back of the enclosure and call it a day.

Great looking install so far Demon! Keep up the good work!
Thanks alot Finley.

I'm highly considering the purchase of another Ref 12 for the rear, i think it would look that much better, and sound even more amazing :D
Nice work!!! Great progress on everything and looks like your install will be super clean when you are finished! Keep up the good work, and keep us posted too! :D
Just a few update pics specifically targeting the sub enclosure build.

Thanks everyone again for your kind words, alot of work is going into my car, and i'm enjoying every moment of it.

Right now i'm waiting for the resin applied to cure, i also used the last of my resin, so i need to go back to lowes and get another container, a layer or two or Extra Strength matting will be applied over the fleece for added strength and support, and to fill some minor spots that had holes in some spots the fleece met. Extensive mass loading to the inside of the enclosure will take place, with spray on deadener, a few layers of ensolite, and a layer of acoustical eggshell foam.

I've yet to cutt the speaker hole out, but i'm somewhat wondering if i may need to resin the inside of the back of the fleece, to make sure that its completely hardened and nonporus. Also would it be wise to go around the inside where the mold meets the fleece on the front and cault/resin the seam to make it air tight?
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demon2091tb said:
I've yet to cutt the speaker hole out, but i'm somewhat wondering if i may need to resin the inside of the back of the fleece, to make sure that its completely hardened and nonporus. Also would it be wise to go around the inside where the mold meets the fleece on the front and cault/resin the seam to make it air tight?
Looking great. I hope to be at this stage by the end of the week with my own 'glass box.

I plan on using a Bondo milkshake to help seal up the inside where the ring meets the face and other assorted seams/pinholes throughout. Mix up a regular batch of resin and add some body filler to it so it's about the consistency of a milkshake. Add a few more drops of MEKP as well for it to deal with the added filler. Pour it in and swirl it around the whole enclosure. Airtight and rigid.
I like to lay the mat from the inside. You can lay the mat all around the seams and make a very strong box. Are you going to paint it or carpet?
Umm i was planning on a carpet to match the rest of the rear. As far as sealing up the inside, i was just planning on resin or matting where i need it, as the box is rather small and any type of movement of the arm/paintbrush inside for applying resin and the like will most likely be pretty small as its looking, also the box gets rather narrow at both ends, so i had thought about just injecting a moderate amount of foam to seal up the ends, specifically in the bottom right corner of the last picture, there is a small area where the mold shows through the front, as i cut my seam a tad bit too long, and pulled it a little too hard. But should be rather easy to fix.

I used spray on 3M-90 for connections to the enclosure, if anyone wanted to know lol.
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