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:p Just did a quick install with the peerless csc-x 6.5 mid basses and the lpg 25nfa`s. For stock locations with no sealing of the doors or deadening, these are amazing (to me anyway) The tweeters are smooth as I ever imagined. The midbass is solid and very upfront. Imaging is still a little low (upper chest level) but with a little tuning I think I can bring the stage up a little. I am bandpassing the midbasses at 100hz to 3200hz with a 24db slope. The tweeters come in at 4000hz at 24db slope. I am still working on my doorpods like azgrower built for his truck. I am going to take my time on those. Unless he wants to volunteer to build them for me. Thanks for all the usefull information this forum has to offer.
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