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Fixing a stealth box

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Sometime last year or there abouts I bought a stealth box off ebay for my mustang for really cheap. Seller attempted to port the box for some reason. Didn't really do much with it cept put it in the back of the car and forget about it. Got married, moved across county and just now got the car here. Today I pulled out the box and was trying to figure out how to fix the hole left from the port. I want to keep as much air space as possible and make it look pretty much how it did from JL. I was thinking either filling the hole with abs/acetone mix or just fiberglassing over the hole. Which way would you go about fixing it?

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Iffn it's made from fiberglass .... just umm...fiberglass it :surprised:
Iffn it's made from fiberglass .... just umm...fiberglass it :surprised:
I was looking at the pics closer and then went to look at the box. Guess its a fiberglass box. I never really checked it out when I bought it. post=over and I am a dumb ass.
I'd probably glass it up also but you could take the easy way out and cover the hole with an aluminum plate sealed with silicone.
Looks about the right size for a round plastic terminal cup. Silicone one and screw it in. :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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