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Hi all, just found this forum. Looking to upgrade the stereo in my '99 Porsche 911 (996) and need some help. Hopefully, I can articulate what I'm trying to accomplish and not sound like a fool doing it!

The car has the stock 'hi-fi system' which consist of 4"/1" component drivers in the dash and rear quarters, plus 5.25" 'subs' in a ported box at the bottom of the door panels. All of this is powered by an amp mounted in the trunk, which I think they claim is 6 X 40. I'm assuming the amp has an internal crossover.

So far, the only change has been the head unit, swapping the original Becker for a DDIN Kenwood DNX6140. It did not match the input requirements for the amp, so I had to install a line voltage booster to wake up the amp. Even then, I have to run with the volume at about 80%. I shouldn't have to tell anyone reading this how crappy it sounds.

My goal is good sound quality on a budget (yes, I'm cheap, plus I have a kid in college), but I guess that is most of our goals. Anyway, I would like to replace the amp first, then the speakers next.

I would appreciate some honest criteria of what my plans are as well as a better way to move forward. Don't be shy, you can't hurt my feelings.

A three way component speaker set up is rare with 5.25"/4"/1" drivers. It would probably be possible to install 6.5" drivers in the doors if I build custom baffles out of MDF (which I can do if I knew what the should look like, ported, sealed, etc)

It looks like there are a number of good choices of 4" component sets, but then I would have to find additional 5.25" drivers for the doors. I'm assuming these will take 2 additional channels of amplification, plus a crossover on the amp? Does this mean that if I go this direction that I'll need a 5 channel amp (2 channels for the 4" components, 2 for the 5.25" woofers, 1 for a future 8 or 10" sub) as opposed to a 4 channel amp (2 channels for the 3 way speakers , 2 channels bridged for a sub).

Anyway, it's probably obvious that I know a little, but only enough to really screw up. Any advice is appreciated. Also, I certainly don't mind buying used stuff. My home gear is used (Martin Logan, Muse, etc) and I realize that there can be value there for a guy who is a little tight with a dollar...

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