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Has anyone tried putting some open cell foam behind the rearview mirror? I noticed a big change in my system in terms of image placement, width and improved depth. My right center used to be off and sounded close to the far left position...but when I put foam behind the rearview mirror and also moved the rearview mirror in neutral position, it drastically improved my image placement, focus, width, and a bit of depth. And also I noticed my tonal balance improved. Btw, I used 1/2" open cell foam and 3m double tape.

Note: I have my mids and tweets mounted in custom enclosures in the floor firing towards the windshield.

My friend also tried it earlier and noticed improvement in image placement in his system. He is running seas rt27f tweeters in the pillars, and seas w18nx in the doors.

Just want to know if somebody else has tried it and noticed any improvements in their system.
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