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I'm upgrading my new BMW G05 sound system from the base HiFi. It has 2-way components in the front doors (4" mid/1" tweeter), 2-way coaxials in the rear doors/center, and 8" underseat woofers. I've installed an Audiotec Match 7DSP amp which was a huge improvement and just installed Focal BMW 100 L speakers in the front doors. These speakers have passive crossovers but I was hoping for some guidance on where to cross over the underseat woofers to the mids. I've attached the technical specs for the Focal mid-range and tweeter for reference. Given the Focal mids have a Fs of 110Hz I'm thinking the HP crossover should be at least 175Hz @ -12db Butterworth for the mids and LP of 160Hz @ -12db Butterworth for the woofers and maybe with a HP set to 40Hz to prevent woofer extrusion damage. From reading crossover topics in this forum an alternative might be HP 175 @ -24db LR for the mids and LP 160 @ -24 LR for the woofers. Any suggestions?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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