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A question about setting the Input Sensitivity for the Focal FSP-8.

My factory radio does not have RCA outputs so I need to connect to the FSP-8 using the speaker wires which means I need to select the High Mode. The Input Sensitivity defaults to a value of 6.8V. Should I change that, or should I take new measurements and use them?
I am an Extra Class Ham radio operator so I do understand electronics, I also know how to use a DMM and an Oscilloscope. I also own a DM-RTA and am familiar on how to use it.

From the FSP-8 Manual
"Select the input level which corresponds to how the source is connected to the FSP-8 (fig. 9):
􀃬 LOW if your head unit has standard 2V RCA line level outputs.
􀃬􀀃HIGH if your head unit has high-level amplified outputs (speaker driver outputs).
In HIGH mode, the FSP-8 automatically detects when your head unit turns on, and it will initiate start-up automatically.
In this case, there is no need to connect the “REM” cable to the FSP-8.
Once you have selected the input level, you can adjust the input sensitivity level using the slider or the stepper."

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Thanks for any help

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