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One of the products Hybrid Audio Technologies took in trade recently is a near-flawless set of Focal K2 Power KBE165 midbass pair with grilles and logo's. The set comes with a pair of Focal K2 Power high-precision passive crossovers. All you need is a set of tweeters to make a nice two-way set. The original owner supplied an $575.00 receipt for its original purchase. We offered a trade-in value of $245.00 for this speaker set with crossovers. I will take $225.00 plus shipping; no trades. These midbass and crossovers are in exceptional condition, and the midbass come with original embossed Focal grilles. There is only some very light oxidation on the chrome t-yoke.

E-MAIL ME at [email protected]. No PM's please.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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