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Focal K2 Power KP100 4" Midrange Pair

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One of the products Hybrid Audio Technologies took in trade recently is a flawless set of Focal K2 Power KP100 midranges with grilles and logo's. The original owner supplied an $850.00 receipt for its original purchase (including tweeters and crossovers). This set does not come with the TN51 tweeters nor the crossovers. This is a midrange pair only! We offered a trade-in value of $140.00 for this speaker set. I will take $140.00 plus shipping; no trades. These midranges are in exceptional condition.

E-MAIL ME! [email protected]. No PM's please.
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Upon further inspection, the grille metal was included with the set, but the plastic mating flange was not, so the grille for these speakers will need to be semi-homemade using the grille mesh and a custom flange, or just build something completely homemade.

Bump. I'll do $140.00 shipped within the continental USA. No asinine low-balls, please.
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