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Hi guys,

Newbie here please bare with me...

I recently got a hold of a used Focal KR2 in an excellent condition..
my plan is to drive this with mosconi 100.4 but should I go with the 200.4 instead? Anticipating if somewhere sometimes down the road I'm upgrading to other brand; perhaps to Morel or Hertz or Dyn or KRX2 or others...

My current system (not yet installed) consist of:
Mosconi 200.2
kR2 (planning to go full active)
Mosconi 100.4 (should I go with 200.4?)

SQ set up..

Greatly appreciate any input given


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Merry Xmas and Thanks Bluenote.. after browsing this forum and did a search, I am still confuse over these several things below (or perhaps my understanding is wrong or I'm over thinking here):
  1. Generally more power is better to bring out the staging and what nots
  2. Let's say down the road I'm replacing my KR2 with other brand which lets say rms 150w rms hypothetically. With the 200.4, that would leave approx. 50w rms left on the Mosconi which means that it will be abit relaxed and not put on any strain on the amp. Whereas with the 100.4, outputs 150w-ish rms spot on means no headroom and possibly put on more stress and wear out more.
    Am I correct here?
  3. On the other hand, someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I won't be putting more stress on the 100.4 as I won't be maxing out on gains. What I need is just to set the gains half way and I should be fine (with a condition that I feed the amps with decent voltage..)
  4. Assuming I'm going with KRX2, will the 200.4 be way overpowering the components and with the gain all the way down to a minimum I would burn the components?

I'm seriously confused...:confused:
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