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Hi all

I'm starting my first new build in about 15 years.. so I'm a tad rusty :)
That said, I've already found tons of information & driver recommendations on this forum, so I think I'm headed in the right direction.

So my first question is.. how well do ya'll think Focal KP100 drivers will blend with some ScanSpeak Illuminator D3004's? I'd planned on passively crossing them over relatively low at 1500hz, 12db slope based on:
a) that should get me over the hump at the lower end of the D3004's response curve
b) the mids are pretty off-angle when seated

I don't know as much about the 4" Focal driver aside from it being "rated" down to 160hz and x'd over at 3.5khz.

This is going in a Z4 coupe, so the Focal driver is a "safe" option because I've seen it done & know it fits. I've also been looking at the Vifa TG9 and the Dayton RS100.. I've read they'd do ok w/ IB.

I don't think I'll have any problems w/ the Illuminator in the mirror pod either... For reference, the existing tweeter grill in the pictures below is 2" in diameter.

The mid & tweet are 8" apart, center-to-center. The mid & woofer are 18" apart.

It's probably also worth mentioning:
a) trying to keep a very stock appearance
b) I tend to prefer warmer sounding tweets
c) I already own/have acquired a denford 8250 and a JL HD600/4
d) the car is somewhat noisy & I often drive w/ the windows down, so I'd like some decent SPL capabilities too
e) the woofers in the kicks will need to be ~ 6.5" in size, not yet sure what kind of depth I can do.
f) I'm going to have a local shop (Earmark) do some of the work
g) I've pretty much settled on a pair of JL 8w3's to go behind the seats.

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First I am in the same boat except I have been out for like 10 years. Let me know how the Scans do. I am considering trying them myself with 12Ms. I have not heard the newest version of the KPs but I did like the older 6.5s I heard. The tweeters not my cup of tea. Some other small drivers to consider are 12M Revs of course, Focal Utopias which someone has on ebay for $199 a pair, but may be a little more clinical sounding. I have been resisting the urge to try the Utopias myself. But I just bought a pair of Peerless Exclusives to test so I hope I can resist the urge. Although testing Utopia, Revelator, and exclusive 4's is tempting.

Really though expecting any 4' or less driver to play with athority at 160Hz is asking too much in my opinion. I know there are guys doing it, but I know from testing my 12Ms they sound more strained at 250Hz than 315Hz. The more demanding dynamically the material the more it is noticable.

Good Luck,
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