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Hi guys - first time posting on this forum, but I have been reading here for a while!

I recently installed the Focal polyglass 165vb component set in my car. I'm very happy with the woofers, but the tweeters are often too bright (probably because of location, but I don't want to cut or glue anything). I'm going to replace them soon, but I can't find what the TA241 impedance is, and I don't want to assume it's the same as the woofer's. I've done several google searches and looked all over Focal's site.

I need to know since I'm keeping the Focal crossovers...don't want to mess with the crossover frequency or power delivery. If anyone has this information I would hugely appreciate it!

If not, is it as simple as measuring resistance with a multimeter across the tweeter leads? Thanks guys!
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