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Focus St Setup

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This is what I'm planning on so far for the 2015 Focus ST I'm planning on buying this summer.

The reason for tapping off the stock amplifier outputs is because apparently you lose BlueTooth connectivity, steering wheel controls and volume controls if you tap off of the inputs to the stock amp. I'd like to maintain this functionality. I understand that a bunch of filtering goes on in the amp but with the capability of the miniDSP, I feel that I can re-equalize to something that I enjoy listening to.

Any comments/suggestions?

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Hmm, another ST in NJ, eh? I have an ST3 with the older "AA" Sony amp so I had no upgrade issues.

There's a grommet behind the glove box that gets you power through the firewall. I ran 4ga which was a little tight under some moulding pieces but NBD.

With the full size spare there's plenty of room for your processors under the floor. I have my MS-8 and an NVX amp under my floor, only the sub box is on top.
No I don't have any pics but it's nothing special. The rear left foam was cut out completely to accommodate the MS-8 (puts the MS-8 close to the factory amp to have short splice runs of wire). The sub amp fits in the space on the right rear, distribution block is in the front right.

I've seen some installs where the spare was flipped over to give a bigger cavity for a sub box, that would be slick. I still think you're going to have a challenge getting those amps under the cargo floor but it should be a fun project
There's not much room, the left is a wheel and the right is a wheel plus the gas filler neck. There's some sound damping but not much empty space back there

If you really are crunched for space you might want to look at a space saver spare or ditch the spare tire entirely
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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