Just putting some feelers out and thinking about saleing my 2 Audio Apex Cab amplifiers after buying a new car and starting a new build. Both Amps are less than a year old. The M4 was bought in July and the M165 was purchased in October of last year. Both amps are in excellent shape no scratches or dings. I will also throw a Jim's machine works amp rack in with both of them. The M4 is 150watts x 4 at 4ohm and 500 x 2 bridged class A/B. The M165 5 channel is 100watts x 4 at 4 ohm and 440 x 2 bridged class AB and then the subwoofer side 1100 watts at 1 ohm of class D power. Both amps are very solid and quiet and are a great value for what they are and could set some one up with a full 3 way setup, rear fill and sub for cheap. I do not want to seperate this will be a package deal only. I have both original packaging and bass knob for the M165. Buyer will be responsible for paying shipping. Thanks for looking.

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