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I bought these tweeters from npdang last week. I have to sell them because they wouldn't fit into my kick panel plans along with my Seas Excel 5.5's. I had to keep my Focal Utopia TN51 tweeters and use them in the kicks with those Seas Excel 5.5's.

I am selling them for $140 each. They are BRAND NEW and have never been used in any kind of way. I just opened the box, took some measurements in my kicks and put them right back in the box. Too big for my application. I am sick to my stomach for not having the opportunity to use these. I hear they are something out of this world!

You can get these a bit cheaper here and I will ship ASAP.

Also have a pair of Peerless XLS 8"s for sale, also BRAND NEW and never used at all! Incredible midbass' just too big for my doors. Too wide, but if you have the room, nothing better according to npdang.

Selling the Peerless XLS 8"s for $130 a set!

Other offers....

AudioControl DQX......used but in mint condition $300 (retails for $500+)
Eclipse Titanium (SW9122) subwoofer... incredible SQ and SPL!!! BRAND NEW in box!!! $325 (2 available) (reatils for $600 each! and hard to find.)

All my offerings are either completly brand new in box, with the exception of the DQX which I have used for a year, although it is in mint condition regardless.

Thanks, Pete
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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