Selling some things I was holding on to for a rebuild that didn't happen.

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Sinfoni Ingot Amplifiers- Only 300 of each were made worldwide. I have two Ingot 2 and one Ingot 1. Two of these amps have never even been mounted (shown with the sealed hardware bags). These are limited edition compact powerhouses. High end amplification to pamper your favorite speakers. Buy all three for the best deal and have the ultimate front stage amplification. SOLD for the trio. There is another Ingot 1 for sale on DIYMA if you need two more matching channels.

MiniDSP C-DSP 8x12 v2.0 Digital Signal Processor- BNIB. Only opened for the picture. This is my third MiniDSP product. I love these. Very reliable and easy to use. SOLD

MiniDSP UMIK-2 USB Reference Measurement Microphone
- BNIB, sealed. These are excellent mics. I've had much success using a UMIK-1 for years and this model is even better. You can download the calibration file using the serial number. $175 shipped

Stinger 9000 Audiophile Interconnects
- BNIB, sealed. I have five cables total, enough for an entire vehicle with a DSP and 3-way active front stage plus subwoofer. Doesn't get any better than this. I'll discount if you want more than one pair.
17ft pair (1 available) - SOLD
6ft pair (2 available) - SOLD
3ft pair (2 available) - SOLD

Made for Thiel by ScanSpeak 7" Midwoofer / Midbass
- New, unused. Bought during a closeout several years ago. These are comparable to Scan's Discovery Line from what I can tell. Similar to the 18W/4534G-00 at Madisound. Excellent speakers but I no longer have a use for them. SOLD

Audible Physics Aries SK8 8" Midbass-
Used for about a year in my Sequoia. Only took them out to replace with my beloved Dynaudio MW182. Aries SK8 @ SLA Acoustics. $100 shipped

MTX Streewires PSK08B 8 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit-
BNIB, sealed. This is real OFC cable, not the CCA junk. PSK08B @ I bought these to use with the Sinfoni amps since they have 8 AWG power terminals. Three kits available. I'll discount if you want more than one kit. $35 shipped