Looking to trade my TSCM 634 6" lower-midrange for a pair of TSCM (or possibly SCM 636) Midwoofers. My final sound scheme keeps evolving, I'm not interested in doing a 3-way system, and I'd prefer to keep my Esotar2 sub crossed over at 90Hz or below. These mids are phenomenal, but because Morel recommends a highpass of 150Hz in a door installation with at least a 6Db/octave rolloff, I've got my sub playing at a higher frequency than it ideally should. I currently have them installed for the back passengers, electronically crossed over at 180Hz at 12Db/octave to be conservative, and they're currently switched off (Haven't gotten around to tuning the back yet). My original plan was to have 1 pair of Piccolos in their pods in front, with the Scan-Speak Illuminator tweeters in the back with the 634s, but I've been thinking; Why not put 636 woofers back there in sealed PVC "pods" with Acoustastuff, pointing up, my other pair of Piccolos (V1s) with them, the V2 Piccolos in front with the Esotar2 650s (in sealed "pods" on the door, pointing up currently, selling the ScanSpeaks, MAYBE selling the Esotar2 650s and replacing them with another pair of 636s? Just idle musings for the time being. Like I said, the TSCMs are currently installed. I will be happy to take off the doors and put up my username and date in pictures with them (installed) for serious inquiries (as in "let's do this; post the pictures). Meanwhile, here's some pre-installation pictures. I might be persuaded to consider other things, like the Morels and Esotars for 2 pairs of TSCM 636s, or my mids and scans for new TSCM 636s should there be no takers. Both speakers have the same appx retail value, with mine being about $40 more. The scans are a bit above $250 each new. If, by any chance, somebody has a pair of Morel SUPREMO MW6 woofers, I'll trade my mids, the Scans, my SB Acoustics SW26DBAC76-3-DV 10" Subwoofer, plus a reasonable amount of cash, OR my Esotar2 650s, Scans, SB sub, and the Morel mids and a bit less cash for the MW6s. Then, I'll put those in front with the V2 Piccolos, buy a pair of 636 woofers for the back with the V1 Piccolos, or something like that. I've looked, and looked, and looked at drivers till my head spun, and finally said "these are expensive, but they're probably my best gamble for a good SQ result."
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