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So I have decided to upgrade my audio system because 2 of my factory speakers have blown and I have been reading threads and it has just gotten me even more confused in what I want. I don't really want to spend to much money but I also don't want it to fall apart in a year either. I was looking for only 1 sub prob a 12" but open to suggestions but it has to be a shallow mount to fit under my rear seat in my trucks cab.
What I have right now is a Pioneer Avic-710bt head unit and a JBL 300 watt 4 channel amp (thinking to use for components).

I was going to get:
-Pioneer 6x8's
-Kicker CVT 12" sub
-500 Watt amp

But now that my friend gave me this website this is what I am considering and any input would be great.

-Cadence Acoustics FXC6Ki 6.5-Inch 250 Watt Peak Speaker Component Kit
-Phoenix Gold RSD6.5CS 6.5" Radial SD Series 2-way Component System
-any other suggested component set under $140

-Polk Audio AA3125-A MM1240 DVC 12-Inch Subwoofer
-Pioneer 12" shallow mount Subwoofer
-any suggestions under $125

-any suggestions?
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