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I promised a build log on my McIntosh power'd Yacht so...

Subject is a 2009 28' Formula 260SS Yacht with only 265 hours as of December 2019. Powered by a Volvo outfitted 496 she has about 425 hp and does 54 mph on Lake Tahoe (elevation 6250 ft), vessel is a real pleasure to drive.

Build is still in progress but to start I had the Focal gear on hand so that was what was used for this build. Not the biggest fan of the company but the speakers sound very nice with the McIntosh amplifiers.

Pioneer p99 was used for the source (but plan to add a dsp) and I upgraded to two of Stinger's largest batteries w/0 gauge distributed to the front of the boat powering two McIntosh amplifiers (431 & 440 for total of 10 channels) which in turn power Focal 6.5 speakers (polyglass drivers up top and K2 in cuddy) throughout and two Audio Art amplifiers bridging a dvc Focal sub and a JL sub that fills a factory hole (why Formula.. why?). The anniversary set of Focals sat around for years so I was glad to finally find a sweet install for them. Kept things simple with this install and the custom work, in the end the result turned out nice imo. Without much to say I'll let some photos I was able to track down show the work.

Very happy with the sound, sounds like a McIntosh stereo system. Every time I go to the garage, power her up and enter the cuddy the sound is just signature and relaxing. Hope everyone enjoys and if you make it to Tahoe hit me up for a demo!

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