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So it's time for the final acquisition of equipment. Car is probably going to be my 2008 Toyota Camry LE, unless I trade it in for something else. Let's assume whatever speakers on my list with fit.

Head Unit TBD, most likely a 800 PRS if I can find one or a Kenwood Excelon KDC-X995 if not. If something in the higher end of source units pops up, I'll get that, input will be an iPod/iPhone in addition to CD.

Front stage: I currently have a set of the PPI (a/d/s/) 355cs components, but I am leaning towards getting a set of the HAT Imagines, due to the great pricing through the end of the month, and the across the board positive reviews. I will either sell or relegate the speakers to the rear deck.

HAT Imagines at 12v electronics

Is there anything else in this price range that is close (~$180)? Mind you, the closest dealer for HAT is about two hours away from me, so I'll try to stop by to hear them before I make the purchase, but I have a feeling they'll be just fine. :D

I have a JBL px600.2 that I was going to use for front stage, (JBL px600.2 info here, but I've been quite intrigued by a Diamond Audio D5 300.2 on sale here, and also an Ample Audio dual mono amp, also in the classifieds. Which would you suggest, assuming they would power the HAT Imagines?

Also, subwoofer: Either powered by a JBL bpx500.1 or the aforementioned px600.2. I'm leaning towards either a Polk Audio SR12 or a Dayton Reference 12HO. I'm guessing I can't go wrong either way, although the Dayton is going to be a smidge less expensive (let's say about $50).

Listening preferences, accurate but mellow (i.e., no listening fatigue), I don't need the sub to dig deep, but rather to be stout and responsive. Suffice it to say, I'm not an audiophile like many folks here.

Music varies, I listen to a bit of everything. Right now I'm listening to a few Jazz CDs from my brother-in-law (Coltrane), DMB, Jack Johnson, a bit of Drake, Linkin Park, tracks with nice guitar work, and lots of symphony/orchestra pieces (including movie soundtracks, which I really enjoy for reasons I don't understand).

Thoughts? I will be making the purchase in the next couple of weeks, and there'll be members here directly affected by my purchase.
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