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If you want a great little SQ sub that puts out prodigious amounts of tight, clean bass, and doesn't take up your entire trunk... this is a good option for you!

Image Dynamics - Top of the line!
ID Max - 10"
Dual 4 ohm voice coils
Frequency response (hz) - 5 to 110
Voice coil Dia (inches/mm) - 2/50.8
Recommended Power Range (watts) - 50 to 1000
Mounting Dia (inches/mm) - 9.6/243.84
Mounting Depth (inches/mm) - 7.625
Manual link: PDF MANUAL

I'd rate its physical condition at least a 9 on a 10 scale and probably higher... its essentially spotless, and performance wise it is a perfect 10. I ran this with a Zapco 750.2 bridged and it was able to play much louder than I prefer a sub to play in reference to my other drivers... so this thing had a walk in the park in my car. I'm a true SQ fan and although I do like to play it loud - I am not a basshead by any stretch of the imagination and I don't play it THAT loud. I actually hooked a power meter up in line at one point just to see how loud it actually got at 700 watts and it was just amazing! I doubt I had it hit peaks of more than 250 most of the time while I was "playing it loud."

I'm selling this for two reasons.. and one of them is just that this is the only subwoofer I have ever owned. It sounds great, but I have always wanted to hear how some other subs sound... that simple! The other is that this sub does best with just.85 cubic ft in a sealed box and my new fiberglass enclosure is going to naturally be quite a bit larger... and I don't want to have to add a lot more weight to section the box off to get the right size... instead I'll go with something that prefers more space.

I'd like to get $240 for this as it is in perfect condition - and I will throw in a nice 10" grill which has 4 chrome plated bars running parallel to each other across the width of the driver. Buyer will pay shipping of exactly what it costs depending on their preference in shipping. I will also throw in a modified "ProBox" that despite its terrible looks, is the perfect size for this sub based on my experience (if someone wants it - otherwise I am going to trash it). Naturally, I'll pack it very well also, and take pictures of it prior to shipping.

I have a spotless sales record here and on ebay as Hickerso1, and this is after selling roughly a dozen component sets of speakers, 3-4 amps, a DVD headunit and processory and much more, so references are certainly available. I can only ship on certain days due to my work schedule, but normally I am able to ship very quickly - but if you need it in a hurry, let's talk ahead of time to make sure I can accomodate your needs. The sub is guaranteed to be working on arrival and has never been damaged or repaired to my knowledge... and I bought it from someone who said they'd never put power to it and it appeared to be truthfull.

Due to one questionable buyer, I will no longer accept returns or give refunds of any kind. I test items prior to selling anything and know that they are working when I put them in the box... I insure EVERY item for you at its full value and its up to you to recover any damages from the shipper... if the box arrives in busted up shape, make sure you take pictures and notify the shipping company, as I'll have pictures to show the condition of the box prior to shipping for comparison. Sorry for all the bs here, but I can't afford to get ripped by a buyer who just changes their mind or has buyers remorse. I've earned a great reputation and am a reliable adult seller who represents his products honestly and accurately... so I don't deserve any hassles and I can sleep at night without trouble ;)

Thanks for your interest in this fantastic sub!

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