I am selling two Audison Voce AV5.1K's.

One is in perfect working condition, the other has one channel that intermittently cuts out. The amp with the bad channel is about 3 years old. The one that works perfectly is about a year old.

A: You can buy both and have the one channel fixed. Then you will have 8 speaker channels + 2 sub channels.
B: You can buy both and do three way active with dual subs. This is the way I had it configured and it was great.


One AV5.1K $800 (the one that works perfectly)
Two AV5.1K $1200

Price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA or Canada.

The installer who took the amps out of the car wrapped them very well in bubble wrap. If you are seriously interested and would like pictures, I will unwrap them and take photos.