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Hey guys! Been a long time since I've been on here. I am posting this ad in several places, so sorry for some of the details that are obvious to fellow audio enthusiasts :D

It has come time to sell my baby! Up for sale is a tastefully modified and well-maintained 2014 Audi S4 Premium Plus in Monsoon Gray. I have owned the car for approx. 3 ½ years, purchased from the second owner at about 25k miles. Most of the miles I’ve put on it have been highway, including several trips up the PCH and to Denver from Phoenix. I have virtually all the service records since I bought it, and it has been very regularly maintained. It has never been to the track or driven excessively hard. I’ve put close to $15,000 total into the performance mods and a very high end aftermarket stereo, and am hoping the next owner will enjoy the work I have put into it, getting a completed modified S4 at a fairly heavily discounted price. KBB Private Party (stock) is $19,250. I have an outstanding loan on the car with my local credit union, but the title is otherwise clear (no salvage, rebuilt, etc).

Car: 2014 S4 Premium Plus, Monsoon Gray
Mileage: 89,105
Asking price: $22,750
Best contact info: [email protected]




Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Plus (255/35/ZR19- currently at 50-60%, mileage warranty thru Discount Tire)
GIAC Stage 2+ (Dual Pulley file w/179mm crank)
GIAC DSG Software
CTS Turbo Intake
034 Intercooler
Customized catback exhaust (Becker/Magnaflow)
P3 gauge/AC vent
RS style grille

Stereo install:

High end custom stereo, fabrication and install done by Handcrafted Car Audio in Chandler, AZ:
HU- factory MMI 3G+
Image Dynamics mini horns w/ B&C DE120 compression drivers mounted below dash
B&C 6MDN44 in custom fiberglass kicks
B&C 8MBX51 in factory door locations
B&C 18DS115 18" subwoofer in custom infinite baffle in trunk
Gladen amps- XS75c6 (x2), SPL1800c1 (x1)
moBridge DA3 toslink conversion
Mosconi 6to8 Aerospace processor

Recent services (2020):

New water pump
Spark plugs and coils
New PCV Valve
Replaced leaking supercharger Intercooler cores
DSG service
Fresh oil and filter

Some info about the car: It has primarily been serviced at AZ Euros in Mesa, AZ, and I have all service records if interested. The original tune was done at around 30k miles by Tuning Gruppe in Gilbert, AZ, and I moved services over to AZ Euros after buying a Q5 from them a year later. Currently it makes about 450HP, 425TQ, 17psi. It's a lot of fun to drive!

All the recommended service intervals have been completed during my ownership, including (now 2) DSG services, plugs and coils, etc. I have exclusively used Motul oil and Audi filters while I have owned it.

The interior is exceptionally clean. No rips, tears, stains, no pets, non-smoker, etc. I have taken very good care of it. It was also recently detailed. It has a clean CARFAX- no reported collisions or damage prior to or during my ownership.

The stereo is absolutely awesome. I spent a lot of time and money putting it together. It’s pleasant at lower volumes, or it can feel like you’re front and center at a Tool concert if that’s your thing (it gets LOUD). I had the subwoofer grille designed to mimic the RS4 grille, and it turned out great. Sadly, a 5 gallon water jug tumbled about a year ago on the drive home, and dented the grille. I was able to pop a lot of it back in place, and the grille still functions and looks pretty good, but it’s not as pretty as it was when it was first done. All of the factory radio controls/MMI/volume/BT function as they did; the aftermarket stereo is essentially built off the back end.

Overall, the exterior is in good shape. No major damage, scratches, or fading/flaking paint. It has usual wear and tear for a 7 year old vehicle- some rock chips are present on the front fascia, bumper, and hood from highway driving. About 18 months ago, someone backed into the front left fender in my apartment complex at very low speed and left about a 5-6” crease (no paint damage). He left without saying anything, and I haven’t ever gotten around to fixing it. Also, someone stole the Audi rings off my front grille, so what’s there currently is the ring-shaped housing/retainer clips.

Maintenance-wise, the only ongoing issue I’ve had with the car has been repeated water pump replacements. I believe I am on #4. The first one was replaced at 25k miles the week after I bought the car. Neither shop has been able to figure out why they continue to go bad. The car runs at normal operating temp, and each water pump has failed in a different way- two of them were aftermarket, and two were OEM. Luck of the draw, I suppose. The one currently on the car is OE and under parts warranty for 12 months, I believe. I did have a strange idle surge this summer, which turned out to be a failed PCV valve secondary to leaking SC intercooler cores, and that repair was just completed this past week by AZ Euros.

I am happy to have the car shipped within the US (as I've done before) and we can work out the details for anyone who is interested. Any questions or offers, please email me at the address listed at the top as that is the fastest way to reach me. Now for the pics!


S4 ext 1.jpg
S4 ext 6.jpg
S4 ext 2.jpg
S4 ext 5.jpg
S4 int 4.jpg
S4 int 3.jpg
S4 interior 1.jpg
S4 door 2.jpg
Engine bay.jpg
S4 sub amps.jpg

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A few more pics:
P3 gauge.jpg
S4 dent.jpg

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Thanks! Hope it finds a good home 😁

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Sonuva... your a month late :/

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A month late and a few dollars short! If something changes, lemme know :)

Huck- I really love the single 18 IB. It's near identical to the setup I had in the Passat I built, which I sold to Danno14, and which Jacob now owns. It's loud, clean, and very accurate. Doesn't dig as deep as the W15GTis in my S10, but it's a more refined build I suppose.

Here are a few more pics I just snapped in different lighting/angles. You can see the surround of the grill is a little eaten up. There is also a little cosmetic damage to the cone, but nothing that impacted performance. The grille never really stayed secured in the past as it was held by a few small magnets, so I ended up spot-gluing it around the perimeter awhile back. Now it stays put. The Audi rings could probably use some new adhesive as well. The AZ summer was brutal this year, and it looks like it's sagged a bit.

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Well, this is officially SOLD. The buyer did not want the stereo, so I pulled most of the gear except kicks and doors as the carpet had been cut.

I’ll consider selling the 6to8 Aero and the 18” sub- tho after pulling it, I see that the cosmetic damage to the cone went nearly through the back side. It’s been that way for a year with no issues but certainly takes a chunk off the sale price. If anyone is interested, let me know. If someone is local with an A4/S4, they can have the IB wall for free. I may make a separate FS thread for the processor if need be. I‘m keeping the amps and horns for the next install. Watch for the next adventurous Mikey build! 😁 Thanks guys!
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