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FS: 3sixty.2 w/ custom control knob

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I used this in our Legacy GT for ~1 year with the factory radio before moving to an aftermarket deck and build-in x-overs on my DLS A7.

Based on its age, I am fairly certain it is a v1 but I had not experienced any bluetooth problem as of removing it 6 months ago.

There were some complaints on the rockford board about the quality of the control knob box, so I had a custom one made based on parts recommendations made by the Rockford engineer that posted to their forums. If you already have a 3sixty and hate the factory control box, I'd be happy to sell this separately.

I have the setup CD and can probably find the USB bluetooth dongle I bought to use with a windows laptop as well.

$200 obo. ; $50 for the custom control box if you want it separately

Additional pictures: car_audio pictures by atbroome - Photobucket


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Wow, that's a hot deal. My only concern is the v1 part.
same here, otherwise I would've already bought it.
Understand on the v1 bluetooth risk, hence the low(ish) price. I'll probably never re-use for another install, so I just want it gone.

All I can say is that it was working fine when it was professionally "uninstalled" by 6speedcoupe (Don) last summer.

Feel free to make an offer.
Oh, and to be perfect open, this is a factory refurbished unit I purchased directly from Rockford.
Maybe the refurb took care of the bluetooth problem already... Possible at least. RF is nearby me and I'd like to take it off your hands if we can find a good strike price.
Frankly the custom control knob is probably worth as much as the 3sixty itself :)

Note the large honking plastic project box was only meant to be temporary. The knob and button are meant to install behind the dash sans large plastic project box
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