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I am unfortunately selling my entire system to downgrade to a cheap basic setup. My loss = your gain

Head Unit
Eclipse CD8053 $300 shipped OBO
If you are wanting to run an all active setup, or just want the cleanest sound possible, this is your best bet. Excellent sound quality with all the features you need. Unit is in excellent condition, double boxed and ready to be shipped.

Amplifiers SOLD
MB Quart RAA4200 4 ch. $240 shipped
MB Quart RAA1000 mono $240 shipped

Adire Extremis 6.8 (pair) $135 shipped OBO
These are the best 6.5's I have heard in a car. They are so damn clear and detailed it amazes me. I accidently punctured one of the surrounds while installing them. :( I honestly could not hear a difference between them, so I never fixed it. However, I emailed Adire and they came up with a solution:

"You can use thinned latex to fix the tear; take some latex caulking, and add a bit of water to it. Brush on a VERY thin layer over the tear, both front and back."

LPG 26NAFM aluminum dome (pair) $50 shipped
I can get you pictures if you want them.

Two Elemental Designs 13kv.2 D4 subwoofers $95 shipped each
These are accurate subs. The play low and sound very balanced. These will be shipped in original boxes, even includes ED sticker :D

I am also selling the box for them. It is built to ED's specs; L19" x W35" x H13" tuned to 28hz. (around 3.2 ft^3) Here is how I had everything mounted with the amp trim.

Here are some shots of the box by itself. Box is airtight and sounds wonderful. $50 OBO + shipping. Email me for a shipping quote.

Email me at [email protected] for questions.
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